We offer short term admissions to the patients after thorough assessment by our doctors.  Our nurses are well trained to offer the best nursing skills throughout your admission.

The patient will need to provide us with his/her identification, medical insurance card (for medical insurance card holders), emergency contact for the attendant or next of kin.

We also request that you inform us of any food/drug allergies, current medications and treatments, medical conditions like diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, Asthma, sickle cell and others. Past surgical history is also important.

Ensure that you have properly understood the medical condition being treated and that the doctor has explained it to you.

Try and understand the medicines prescribed to you and for how long you are going to take them.

Ask about drug side effects and any interactions with any medications that you are currently taking.

Ensure that the doctor gives you a note clearly specifying any limitations at work or home and when to fully return to work.

Know when to return for follow up or where to go next in case you are referred to another medical centre.